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The subject of accounts deals with the recordings of the numbers of financial nature of a business organization. It is through accounting that the business enterprise can know about its annual or monthly performance. The art of accounting all the financial transactions is vital to the survival of the business so that when the time arrives for the business to close down, the company can purchase another company including the price of its goodwill or the other company purchasing it can pay extra for its goodwill. Accounting serves as a source to know about the past, present and future of the business enterprise. In the education sector, the term accounting is defined as an art of collecting, recording, categorizing, and summarizing the financial transactions in a significant manner which makes the task of interpreting the result easy. As mentioned above accounting is considered as an art because just like painting it requires the ability of creative judgment. If the student wants to be perfect in the subject and solve every problem with ease, he/she will have to practice accounts on a regular basis. The subject of accounts is also considered as the subject of science because just like science it is the “body of knowledge”. In accounts, it is imperative to analyze and interpret the result to the users for whom the amounts, numerical figures and another piece of information and data matters.
The subject of accounts needs to be practiced daily and the regular practice forms a challenge for the students who do not wish to spend more than the necessary time with the numerical subjects. The students often fail to understand and identify the key words in the question of accounts which makes the entire solution provided for it irrelevant. In accounting, the students need to remember the different types of accounts including the balance sheet, and sometimes they have to put their mind in figuring out the number of accounts they will have to prepare for a specific question. Recalling the relevant types of accounts is another challenge for the students.
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