Whether you have composed an essay, an assignment, a novel, or any other academic project, it is very vital to check it by editing and proofreading. When it comes to an essay, people usually make grammatical and punctuation errors which lead them to lose grades. brings you high-quality custom essay writing services. This service also provides you with the best term paper writing services and research paper writing services. Before you proceed to learn the tips to edit and proofread an essay or any other academic project, you need to first learn the basic difference between them both.

Difference between editing and proofreading:

Editing requires a lot of patience. When you have a material which needs to be edited, you first need to check and develop the composition for superior content and language. You need to check whether the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion is present or not. The content should have a flow. It should answer all the questions and the key points. The paragraphs should be concise and distinct. Proofreading means to check the material for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. It will take place after the finalization of the draft and your only aim is to find the errors which you might have missed in the process of editing. Read the following tips and make your essay flawless:

  1. Editing:
    • Check the dictionary for the words which you are not really sure of. You also need to be sure that you haven’t used any word twice. Find synonyms of the words that are repeated.
    • You should devoid the use of the word “not”. Reorganize your sentences using other descriptive forms.
    • Check whether you have a suitable introduction and conclusion in your paper. The thesis statement should be specified evidently in your introduction. All the paragraphs should be arranged in a sequential order.
    • All the ideas, quotes and paraphrases should be cited appropriately. The format of the citations should be in the accurate order.
    • The tone should be relevant enough. Make sure that the structure and the length of your essay are diversified. The use of pointless phrases should be banished.
  2. Proofreading:
    • There are many free grammar and spell check services which will ensure that you haven’t made any careless errors.
    • To check the style and grammar of your essay, make sure that you read it very gently and at a high volume. By this method, you will be able to catch the unnecessary words and phrases.
    • Reading your draft backward will help you to check the sensibility of your draft. Pay attention that there are reasonable leaps and your transitions are perfect.
    • The most important thing you need to keep in mind is not to rely on the grammar check programs. They wouldn’t be able to identify each and every error.
    • As you will develop strategies, you find that proofreading has become simpler. You will learn how to identify the areas in your writing which need proper attention.

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