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The term “finance” aptly explains the formation and management of the wealth, however, it does not only deals with the process of managing the wealth but also helps identify the monetary sources from where the money can be raised. The assignments and homework related to finance involve full participation of the students where extensive calculations have to take place including statistics and graphs. Finance in the business sector has an important role to play as it helps monitor the cash inflow and outflow of the company. In order to run the business smoothly and to make it last for a long period of time in the market, the owner of the enterprise and the employees need to have the basic knowledge of finance. The following three areas of finance are taught in the schools and universities which have a positive impact on the future of the student: a) corporate and business finance; b) investments; and c) finance markets and institutions. Finance has been divided into five categories which form the essential pillars of the subject, namely, i) personal finance, ii) corporate finance, iii) public finance, iv) international finance and v) behavioral finance. Finance is a subject that helps the people monitor their means of survival with the right investment in the right area.
The most common issue that arises amongst the students studying finance is their detestation for the numerical subjects. Finance involves the explanation of the numerical figures via graph and the errors made in marking the points on the graph can result in wrong analysis and incorrect interpretations. The students do not pay much attention to the theoretical knowledge imparted by the professor and that leads to the mistakes in the practical section of the subject. The assignments are instructed to be written for every subject by the students and when the basic concepts of finance are not clear, the students dread doing the finance assignments.
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