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The subject of statistics can be considered as the cousin of the numerical subject mathematics. The term “statistics” finds its origin in the Latin word “Status” which means a collection of figures and numbers that triumph in representing some numerical information that will be of human interest. The art of collecting and interpreting data, i.e. statistics, was initially practiced by the kings to know about the people in their kingdom, the revenues to be collected, etc. In India, statistics was first used by the great scholar Chanakya, in the times of Mauryan rule, to know about the birth and the death dates of the individuals. However, today in the modern world, the subject or the art of statistics is used in almost every field like business, economics, and commerce, and politics, social and natural science. The term “statistics” has been defined in both singular and plural sense. Statistics in plural form means the “systematic collection” of facts that are numerical in nature, whereas in the singular form it is the “science” of assembling, categorizing, and utilizing the numerical data and information. To obtain the correct result with the help of statistics, the student or the person will have to follow the following stages: the collection of relevant data, the organization of the collected data, presentation of data in graphs, etc, analysis of the presented data, and the personal interpretation of the analyzed data.
The students have a difficult time coping up with the taught statistical chapters when they do not have a solid grip over the numerical aspects of the subject. The ones who are not fond of mathematics are likely to resent the subject of statistics. The most common mistakes committed by students are the evitable calculation errors in the steps of analysis which leads to wrong conclusions. The calculation errors and the unclear concepts cloud the judgment ability of the student and the interpretation section of the statistics suffers. Another important fact that seems to construct an obstacle is when the students sit down to solve a statistical question but are unable to because they did not pay any attention in the class when the concept was taught.
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